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WGL Releases Corporate Sustainability Targets for 2025

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 8:30 am EDT



Public Company Information:

"Our new targets are expected to be achieved through innovative programs that underscore our mission to be responsible stewards of the environment, deliver clean energy solutions that lower emissions for our customers, and reduce energy costs"

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WGL (NYSE:WGL), the parent company of Washington Gas Light Company, today announced its sustainability targets for 2025 and unveiled new clean energy initiatives to meet its aspirations.

By 2025, WGL plans to achieve carbon neutral fleet and facilities operations, reduce emission intensity of its natural gas distribution system by 38 percent (against a 2008 baseline), and enable customers to avoid 18 million metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These objectives are part of a continued commitment to sustainable business practices, community improvement and environmental health.

“At WGL, sustainability is a core value. We are proud to introduce ambitious sustainability targets for 2025 that reflect the dedication and commitment of our employees and businesses to support the environmental goals of our customers and improve the communities in which we operate,” said Terry McCallister, Chairman and CEO of WGL Holdings, Inc and Washington Gas.

The total amount of carbon reduction would be equivalent to taking 3,802,204 cars off the road for a full year, or equal to the carbon sequestered by more than 466 million trees over a span of 10 years. WGL’s 2025 targets reflect an update to targets the company set in 2012 to be attained by 2020 but announced it achieved in 2016, and reflect aggressive strategies to help customers reduce energy use and shift to more renewable energy options.

“Our new targets are expected to be achieved through innovative programs that underscore our mission to be responsible stewards of the environment, deliver clean energy solutions that lower emissions for our customers, and reduce energy costs,” said Melissa Adams, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for WGL. “We will track our progress each year as part of our annual goals.”

Details of WGL’s 2025 Sustainability targets include:

Carbon neutrality for Washington Gas fleet and facilities by 2025 – WGL plans to achieve carbon neutrality of its fleets and facilities through a combination of sourcing 100 percent electricity from renewable options, continuing to reduce its fuel and energy consumption through efficiency and conservation measures, and relying on a combination of renewable natural gas and carbon offsets to account for the remaining energy use and GHG emissions. WGL will continue to improve the performance of its facilities by using energy efficiency measures, conservation and on-site renewable energy. For example, WGL recently announced its Washington Gas headquarters office will move to The Wharf in DC that is currently under construction and designed to meet LEED Gold Core and Shell green building standards.

38 percent reduction in fugitive carbon intensity per delivered therm unit of natural gas – WGL maintains and operates one of the safest natural gas distribution systems in the industry. To meet the 38 percent reduction, WGL will continue to reduce fugitive emissions from its natural gas supply infrastructure by replacing and upgrading pipelines, gate and regulator station equipment, meters, and other system components with new, modern and more resilient materials that have lower emissions factors. With new pipeline technologies and materials that enhance and reinforce an older pipeline system, Washington Gas will maintain an accelerated pace of natural gas infrastructure replacement projects throughout its Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland service territories.

18 million metric tons of avoided GHG emissions by customers – WGL will strive to facilitate customer cumulative energy savings and renewable energy use by our customers totaling 115 million MMBtu which will result in avoiding roughly 18 million metric tons of GHG emissions. The target is based on our expansion of customer energy efficiency programs at the utility, and our current investment of over $500 million in energy efficient installations and a planned investment of an additional $500 million at WGL Energy, for a combined investment of over $1 billion by 2025. An example of a program designed to help customers save energy is Washington Gas’ new free online home energy audit tool that allows customers to receive tailored energy efficiency recommendations based on their answers to a simple survey. To find out more about how customers can use the tool, click here. Other WGL Energy customer sustainability programs feature renewable solar installations, fuel cell installations, and the sale of green products such as wind renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets, as well as energy efficiency programs including low income weatherization, equipment rebates, and behavior-changing home energy reports.

For more on the company’s sustainability efforts, download WGL’s Sustainability report.

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